Little things matter the most

Sometimes you get to know that the big things, those huge massive decisions of life are not that important and serious, as the person you love, the people you want to be with. Those special people are your parents, your lover, your siblings or may be your best friend. Life is lived as a race by most of us.We even forget that we are not permanent here in this world.

Whenever we come across a problem, a danger, the first word most of us shout is “mummy”, why do you shout mummy ? Is your mom every time around you ? NO. But saving us from all problems and caring when no one else was around are still known to our hearts.


Growth is as important as happiness. Living life without regrets is only possible if you are master of your own life. Leading a life without regrets is only possible if you know the person who took you to those problematic situations that you may find funny someday or the reason of your horror dreams.

But in spite of being your own master, don’t you think when your mom flips your hair, when your lover holds your hand, when your dad brings you ice cream, when you cook with your mom …. all these memories are far more valuable than a few extra dollars. These little things can bring a smile on your face that no other material wealth can afford. Little things are sharing bonds that are strong enough to not require social media stickers and posts. And Life is meant to be lived and there is a huge difference in living and spending life.


I’ve been praying hard
Said no more counting dollars
We’ll be counting stars


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