Haute Couture of Paris

The Leadership of Paris in women’s fashions accelerated during the nineteenth century, with the rise of what became known as the “Haute couture”. It was not merely that the arts of fine sewing, cutting, and the myriad other techniques necessary for the production of fine garments flourished in Paris. The structure of the industry also evolved, as dressmaking moved from being a small-scale craft to a big business. Prior to the middle of the nineteenth century there were no fashion designers, as such. Dressmakers, assisted by specialized skilled workers, collaborated with their clients to produce garments in the latest styles (which were widely publicized in the burgeoning fashion press). The first true couturier was the Englishman Charles Frederick Worth, a dynamic and enterprising man whose skills at clothing design and dressmaking were matched  by  his  skills for merchandising.

In Paris, a garment or an accessory becomes a work of art, elegant or extravagant, to glamourize your wardrobe or simply to delight the gaze.Twice a year, fashionistas, bloggers, editors and other trendsetters follow Paris fashion week to stay up to date.This is what makes Paris unique and so significant on Fashion map of the world. Haute Couture of Paris is what out stands its fashion industry.


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